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      Our aim is to provide the youth of today the opportunity to showcase their potential, learn new skills and techniques, and build their overall knowledge and love of the game in a positive coaching environment.  We work with youth targeting not only on-the-pitch lessons, but also developing life skills that can be used throughout their lives. We believe that in each and every session a player should leave the field with a better head on their shoulders, as well as, maximize their potential as young soccer players.

PFDA Mission Statement:

Our Primary mission is to provide top quality soccer opportunities to as many of the youth as we can regardless of socioeconomic status.  We believe in a holistic development approach of the athlete both as a soccer player and an aspiring young leader for the future.  

The academy financial structure is similar to that of a church.  We run off of pure donations and without donations we can not exist. If a family is able to give one week and can't the next, that is completely fine. We do not hand out an offering bucket as we do not want families to feel pressured to give. We want families to donate because they WANT and are MOTIVATED to do so through their belief in our dedication in developing their child. We created this structure because we know and understand the financial burden a monthly/weekly commitment can be.  We want to provide top quality training without the financial stresses that come with 99.9% of top youth soccer programs in the country. Our belief is that if we devote our expertise to the communities in which we work through top quality training, leadership development, and the pure belief that the youth can achieve their dreams; we will EARN the trust and respect from the community.  We thoroughly believe that if we invest in the community, the community will invest in us.  

We are more than willing to provide coaching education assistance for any coaches who may have questions.  We believe in developing coaches because we understand that if we have a positive impact on just one coach; that coach will impact 30+ more lives through the sport which we all love.  

We coach because we love the game.  We coach because we love using the game to make an impact on the lives of our youth.  We coach to inspire, motivate, and prepare our youth as best as possible to achieve their dreams.

The best coaches are not defined by wins and losses. The best coaches are defined by phone calls, letters, and future wedding invitations of those they worked with.  The win/loss column is temporary and changes season to season, the impact and positive memories we build with the youth lasts forever.
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!
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